The Naumburg Master

  • The Naumburg Master
    The Naumburg Master

Sculptor and Architect in the Europe of Cathedrals
Saxony-Anhalt State Exhibition
June 29 – November 2, 2011
Naumburg Cathedral. In the context of the west choir with its statues of the founders the development of the European monumental sculpture in the age of the Cathedral will be presented by means of works of outstanding quality and most modern media. Integral part of the exhibition will be the redesign of the cathedral gardens, where the visitor will get to know the material and working techniques of medieval sculpture in a mason’s lodge.
From the 1220s on, after his formation during the construction of the Northern French cathedrals situated in Île de France, Champagne and Picardie, the journey of the Naumburg Master to Germany took him across the borders of the French kingdom via Mainz to Naumburg and Meissen. His legacy is a body of work which is of outstanding quality and of worldwide importance. The sculptures of the west choir-screen in Mainz Cathedral, the relief depicting the sharing of St. Martin’s coat in Bassenheim, the statues in the choir and the octagon chapel of Meissen Cathedral and above all the unique west choir of Naumburg Cathedral with the Passion reliefs of the choir-screen and the statues of the founders are impressive examples of the outstanding quality of workmanship from this medieval master.

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