• Kaysersches Haus

    Markt 10, 06618 Naumburg [mehr...]
  • Jakobsstraße

    The width of this street, historically documented as early as the 13 th century, is visible proof that the Jakobsstraße was part of the principle trade routes. It is flanked by three to four storey residential buildings built by wealthy [mehr...]
  • "Anny Schäfer- Fritz Rentsch" memorial, Topfmarkt 17

    Topmarkt 17, 06618 Naumburg [mehr...]
  • Market square

    The picturesque market square is one of the most beautiful market squares in Middle Germany. A closed ensemble of Renaissance and Baroque buildings line the spacious square which is considered to be the result of a planning measure to locate [mehr...]
  • Town hall

    The Town hall was completed in 1528 incorporating parts of the previous building that survived the fire. It was built by Hans Witzleube. Transverse gable with late Gothic tracery (Franconian-Thuringian architectural style). Renaissance portal with [mehr...]